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Vacancies in Member Organisations


This section contains vacancies posted for the information of REDCA members only


In order to post vacancies (both for persons searching for a job and for job positions being available) the following applies:


1.    Members may post

         Vacancies in their own organisations only

         Personal being available for a job position


2.    Details to be sent to the REDCA Secretary, with a maximal limit of 500 words in pdf format and containing an email address to be contacted. The REDCA Secretary will upload the document to the website.


3.    Members can only view or download the information using their password.


4.    Items will be removed  when requested by the member or after 3 months.




REDCA and REDCA Officers accept no responsibility for the content of the uploaded information.



Click here to reveal the vacancy list.


You will be asked to enter your REDCA username and password if you have not already done so.



Posted Vacancies










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