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The Radio Equipment Directive Compliance Association (REDCA)


The REDCA was formed under the requirements of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU specifically for Article 26.11 and Article 38 for Notified Bodies. Membership of this association as listed on the Notified Body member’s page is deemed to demonstrate compliance with these articles. * See Note. In this context REDCA publishes Technical Guidance Notes – TGN that can be accessed by following the "Documents" menu tab above.


The REDCA provides a forum for people concerned with the compliance of radio equipment with regulations and technical standards in the European Economic Area, as well as in the Countries that have a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the EU, such as the USA and Japan.


The annual fee for REDCA Membership is €600.


The Association meets twice a year in a location within the EEA. All meetings are open for members only. These meetings are ideal to discuss matters with important players in the field such as representatives of the EU Commission, ECC, ETSI, ADCO RED and authorities from MRA countries.


The REDCA operates a mail server where only members can ask questions that will trigger answers and comments from the experts within the Association. These discussions provide material to be stored on the protected database for future reference by the members. Furthermore the Association has a specific protected area on the CIRCABC website, operated by the EU Commission, where all working documents are stored for access by the members only.


For further information about the Association or its activities, please send a message to the REDCA Secretary.


*Note: For the information of accreditation bodies:


For accreditation assessments of Radio Equipment Directive Notified Bodies; the Notified Body membership can be verified on this website. If a Notified Body is not on this list then they are not a member. Membership of the REDCA specifically enables the Notified bodies for the Radio Equipment Directive to demonstrate their compliance with Article 26.11 and Article 38.






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