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You are requesting to download an REDCA document but have no password as you are not a member of REDCA. As you are interested in REDCA material we suggest you consider becoming a member of REDCA and enjoy a vast amount of important and interesting material that may guide you in working with the procedures of the Radio Equipment Directive and the procedures applicable to Telecom products in other economic areas that have an MRA with the European Union (such as USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc.,). You will also enjoy help from the other members of REDCA in providing answers to your questions.

To become a member of REDCA please use the membership application form that you can find on this website and send it to the REDCA secretariat for further processing.

To acquire the document that you requested please complete and submit the form below. Your request will be handled by the REDCA Secretariat as soon as possible but may take some time.

Please note that in future any request by non-members for TGN's will either require a longer process time by the REDCA Secretariat before issuing the documents or REDCA may decide to completely stop providing any service to non-members.

Requests for documents will only be considered if:
a. Exact name and if relevant nr. of the document are indicated
b. All boxes below are filled with the correct information

Non-members can only request a maximum of 2 documents over a period of one year.



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