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REDCA Membership


Members of REDCA are listed in this section together with their company logo and a website link. Use the tabs above to view members by category eg Notified Body, Manufacturer etc.

The rules governing membership and the constitution of the Association can be viewed and downloaded from the Documents section.

The constitution requires that the Steering Committee elect three officers to administer the Association - Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The current holders of these positions are detailed below.


Chairman  - Nick Hooper  BSc, CEng, SMIEEE


Nick Hooper graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London with a BSc in Electronic Engineering and has worked in electronics for more than 35 years. He is currently working for UL in the UK leading the wireless Inspection (ISO 17020) and Certification (ISO 17065) team During his career he: was an Aircraft and Avionic Engineer in the armed forces, ran FCC listed test sites for two different companies, worked as a Tempest equipment designer and test engineer, performed wireless equipment tests on a wide variety of equipment, and now conducts wireless equipment assessments. He is a member of the ANSI C63 working group and a member of many ETSI working groups, helping to draft standards for Wireless products.



Secretary  - Jan Coenraads


Jan worked for the Netherlands Radio Agency managing the Agency’s EMC Laboratory, helping NL industry to comply with technical EMC regulation and representing the Ministry within national and international EMC standardisation activities such as IEC CISPR and CENELEC. (Amongst other activities being Chairman of CISPR Subcommittee F for many years). He was involved in negotiating in the development of EU Directives in the field of EMC and Radio and was involved in the training of Notified Bodies and CAB’s worldwide. He initiated the setting up of the R&TTECA and EUANB and was chairman of R&TTECA and secretary of EUANB many years.
As Business Manager he established EMC and Radio Test Laboratories in the EU, USA, Japan and Brazil dealing with the preparing of the operational phase of them as well as operating as Notified Body.
He returned to the Radio Agency as Coordinating Researcher in the field of EMC and Radio focusing on the technical and operational aspects of the EU EMC Directive and R&TTE Directive and after retiring he now operates as Secretary of R&TTECA and EUANB.



Treasurer  - David Imeson BSc, CEng


David Imeson graduated from Leeds University with a BSc in Engineering and worked in the electronics industry for more than 40 years, before his retirement.  During his career he: was EMC Manager at IBM, ran his own consulting company, Compliance Europe Ltd, consultant to Hursley EMC Services Ltd,  Secretary of EMC Test Labs Association (EMCTLA) and chairman of the European EMC Competent Bodies (ECACB). He represented the Notified Bodies on several EU Committees including the SLIM Working Group that redrafted the EMC Directive and the EMC Working Party .








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