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May 2017



On May 19, 2017 the EU Commission has issued the first Final Version of the RED Guide.

Readers shall read carefully the 'Disclaimer' which is at the beginning of the Guide.

REDCA members can download the RED Guide
from the Directives section on the Documents page by clicking on this LINK



June 2017

TCAM Working meeting held in Brussels


On June 1 & 2, 2017 the 11th TCAM Working Group took place in Brussels.

On behalf of REDCA the Chairman of REDCA attended the TCAM WG meeting.

All relevant background material and the meeting report of this important meeting are already available for the REDCA members in the CIRCABC Database Section R&TTECA/REDCA.

The meeting covered many interesting and important items related to practical problems in the use of the RED. Examples of items discussed:

• State of play of the transposition of the RED into Member State national Laws
• Development and further updating of the RED Guide.
• Implementing act under Article 10(10) and application of the “Bookmark”

• Questions raised about the RED being applicable to:

       MRI Equipment

       Amplifiers and other equipment connected to the antenna

      Test and measurement equipment

      Passive devices such as filters and attenuators,

• Progress report by ETSI on standards development

• The Lack of Harmonised standards listed in the OJEU

• Measurement Uncertainty
• Proposal for improvement of digital security by article 3.2 implementing act.

• Interference problems RLANs – Metro radars

• Reports from TCAM Working Group on Software Defined Radio
• Co-operation of Notified Bodies
• Market Surveillance issues
• Specific proposals for Harmonised Standards


May 2017

REDCA Bi Annual Meeting, Warsaw, Poland

May 22 & 23, 2017



The 34th REDCA meeting took place in Warsaw on 22 & 23 May 2017 in conjunction with the EUANB meeting at the same location



The meeting was attended by 118 members, observers and invited guests, including members from countries overseas such as: USA, Japan, China, Korea, etc. Officials of ECC, ETSI, NIST/USA, MIC Japan attended and provided valuable information to the meeting.

The meeting approved and welcomed 27 new members, joining the Association since the autumn meeting of 2016.

Main items discussed were:
• Technical questions asked in the last 6 months

• Report on  TCAM meeting and activities

• Situation on OJEU published standards
• Situation on combined equipment
• RED Guide
• Risk assessment and technical documentation
• Situation on Draft implementation act on Article 10 (10)
• Difficulties in applying the RED/experiences of NB’s• Appearance of new HS and lack of HS
• RED NB assessment of different radio parts

• RED New (draft) TGN such as on:

       9 kHz products

       Use of ISM frequencies

       5 GHz RLAN equipment applying EN 301 893 8.6                                   

Several presentations were given that support the work of the REDCA member’s.
. Safety and Health requirements for RED Article 3.1(a), general principles, risk assessment and harmonised  standards.

. Compliance of typical lithium based batteries for wireless equipment for the EU.

. Proximity Sensors for SAR

. Presentation of ETSI on the latest RED standards development.
. Report from ECC Representative, highlighting the current activities of ECC
. Feedback from the recent TCBC Workshop in the USA and update of FCC rules
. Update of the Japanese Regulation

. 5.8 GHz RLAN presentation by OFCOM with a Proposal to enable 5.8 GHz RLAN (Wi-Fi etc.) in the UK

. Presentation by the BNetzA on Product Variants in EU-Type Examination Certificates

The next meeting will be held in November 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal.


March 2017

9th MIC MRA Workshop Japan March 2017


The main aim of this MIC MRA Workshop was to give an overview of the Regulations and Certification Systems of Japan, EU and US and 5GHz technologies. Over the 2 days about 350 people attended the Workshop.

On Day 1 Presentations were given covering:

1. The Latest Information of the FCC Technical Requirement
Presenter: George TANNAHILL (Electronics Engineer, Federal Communication Committee)

2. Accreditations and Designations of U.S. RCBs
Presenter: Ramona SAAR (Program Manager, National Institute Standard Technology)

3. The Latest Information of RE Directive, EU
Presenter Jan COENRAADS (Secretary REDCA)

4. Current Status and Issues of the Japanese ICT Policy
Presenter: Hirosato HAYASHI (Director of Certification Promotion Office, MIC)

5. The Latest Information of Regulations and Certification Systems of Radio Equipment in Japan
Presenter: Chikara IMAI (Deputy Director, Certification Promotion Office, MIC)

6. The Latest Information o f Regulations and Certification Systems of Telecommunication Equipment in Japan.   Presenter: Seiji MARUYAMA (Deputy Director, Radio Environment Division, MIC)

7. The Latest Information of Regulations and Certification Systems in Australia
Presenter: Chris Zombolas (Managing Director, EMC Technologies Pty Ltd)

On Day 2 of the MRA Workshop Technical presentations were given on:

• Development Mobile Communication for 5G
• Millimeter Wave Communication for 5G
• New 5GHz WLAN Communication for 5G
• Radar Detection for 5GHz (DFS) on 5G
• Future & Present Internet of Things (IoT) and Compliance Marking

And finally a closed session was held for the Japan, EU and U.S. Registered Certification Bodies

A file with all presentations is available for REDCA members in the document section - Click here.



November 2015

VCCI International Forum


On November 20, 2015 the VCCI Council held its International Forum in Tokyo and celebrated its 30th anniversary.



Mr. Keiichi Kawakami, president of the VCCI Council awarded the R&TTECA/REDCA and EUANB Secretary Jan Coenraads, a "Special Recommendation" for all the help and cooperation that Mr Coenraads on behalf of R&TTECA and EUANB had provided. The VCCI Council presented this Recommendation to express their gratitude and respect for his outstanding contribution.


A zip file containing presentations from this forum is available for members to download in the "Other Documents" section.




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