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May 2018

Risk Assessment


“The German Federal Network Agency has kindly given permission for the REDCA to publish a presentation on the REDCA website, for public access. All RED Notified Bodies (EU and MRA countries) are now working on a Technical Guidance Note for Risk Assessment, and we hope to publish this by the end of this year”


The presentation may be downloaded here and is listed in the "Other Documents" section of this website.



November 2018

REDCA Bi Annual Meeting, Berlin, Germany

November 12 & 13, 2018




The 37th REDCA meeting took place in Berlin on 12 & 13 November 2018.


The REDCA meeting was attended by over 125 members and observers, including members from outside of Europe such as: USA, Japan, China, Korea, etc.


We also welcomed officials from the EU Commission, ECC, ETSI, NIST/USA and MIC Japan who all provided valuable information to the meeting.

The meeting approved and welcomed the 11 new members to the Association since the meeting of May 2018. 

Some of the main items discussed were:


·         Technical questions asked within the REDCA membership in the last 6 months.

·         A few reports on recent TCAM meetings and activities.

·         An update on the situation of OJEU published standards.

·         The current situation on REDCA guidance for Radio Equipment often referred to as RF Modules.

·         Risk assessment and technical documentation.

·         RED (draft) new TGNs, some new ones will soon appear on this web site.


With several presentations and discussions in support the work of the REDCA member’s.


·         An update by the EU Commission

·         A presentation by ADCO RED (Market Surveillance)

·         A presentation by ETSI on the latest developments

·         A presentation by  ECC, highlighting the current activities of ECC.      .

·         Feedback from the recent TCBC Workshop in the USA and update of FCC rules including a key update on the Canadian   Regulation.

·         Update of the Japanese Regulation

·         Update of the progress with CISPR (EMC)







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