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May 2019

REDCA Bi Annual Meeting, Sofia Bulgaria
May 13th and 14th 2019


The workshop and 38th REDCA meeting was attended by 120 members and observers including members from outside of Europe such as: USA, Japan, China, Korea, etc.

We also welcomed officials from the EU Commission, ETSI and NIST/USA who all provided valuable information to the meeting.

The meeting approved and welcomed the 13 new members to the Association since the meeting of November 2018.




Topics included in the workshop on the 13th May included:

- An introduction to medical devices and the RED by Steve Hayes
- A SAR standards update by Richelieu Quoi
- Cyber Security by Jon Lea and Richard Marshall
- EN 62368-1 issue 3 updates by Bertrand Callens
- Fake test reports by Michael Derby

Topics for the main meeting on the 14th May included:

- Updates on a number of the draft Technical Guidance Notes (TGNs),
- Updates from the EU Commission
- Updates from ADCO RED on market surveillance
- ETSI updates on the progress of their standards
- CISPR updates from Steve Hayes
- TCB Council / ISED updates from Michael Derby




March 2019

11th MIC MRA Workshop Japan March 2019




The main aim of this MIC MRA Workshop was to give an overview of the Regulations and Certification Systems of Japan, EU and US, 5G and latest IEEE802.11 technologies. Over the 2 days about 150 people attended the Workshop.

On Day 1, after the opening by Mr.
Yasuo Tawara, Director-General of the Radio Department of MIC, presentations were given covering:

1. Radio Policy in Japan
Presenter: Yasuo Tawara, Director-General of the Radio Department, MIC

2. Policy Trend on Technical Standards of Telecommunications Network
Presenter: Kazushige Fujita, Director of Telecommunications Systems Division, MIC

3. North American Regulatory Framework
Presenter: William Graff, TCB Council, USA


4. Telecom MRAs : Accreditation and Designation of Conformity Assessment Bodies

Presenter: Ramona Saar NIST, USA

5. Questions Currently Raised in the Application of the RED
Presenter: Pieter de Beer, Chairman REDCA, EU

6. Implementation of Japanese Regulations in Germany by German Designating Authority Bundesnetzagentur
Presenter: Franz Mueller, BnetzA, Germany

7. The Latest Information of Regulations and Certification Systems of Radio Equipment.

Presenter: Toru Fukatsu, Deputy Director, Certification Promotion Office, MIC


8. The Latest Information of Regulations and Certification Systems of Telecommunication Equipment.

Presenter: Nobuyuki Sasaki, Deputy Director, Telecommunications Systems Division, MIC

On Day 2 of the MRA Workshop Case Study: New Technology


9. 5G Certification(Radio Equipment Conformity Certification)

Presenter: Terushige Watanabe, Telecom Engineering Center


10. 5thGen.Terminal Certification

Presenter: Tetsu Sakata, Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications Equipment


11. 5G Test Challenges

Presenter: Tsutomu Tokuke, ANRITSU


12. 5G Radio Exposure Measurement

Presenter: Niels Kuster, Director of IT'IS Foundation and Professor of ETH Zurich



13 5G Radio Exposure Measurement

Presenter: Stephane Pannetrat, President, Art-fi SAS


14. New Wireless LAN Technology: New 5GHz Radar Regulation

Presenter: Hiroyuki Togashi, D.S.P.Research


15. New Wireless LAN Technology: 802.11ax

Presenter: Yusuke Asai, NTT Access Network Service Systems Laboratories


16. Considerations; Items of caution in certification work

Presenter: Certification Promotion office and Mr Nobuyuki SASAKI

And finally a closed session was held for the Japan, EU and U.S. Registered Certification Bodies

A file with all presentations is available for REDCA members in the document section - Click here




May 2018

Risk Assessment


“The German Federal Network Agency has kindly given permission for the REDCA to publish a presentation on the REDCA website, for public access. All RED Notified Bodies (EU and MRA countries) are now working on a Technical Guidance Note for Risk Assessment, and we hope to publish this by the end of this year”

The presentation may be downloaded here and is listed in the "Other Documents" section of this website.





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